Richard Cowan Fondateur • Philip Walsh Directeur artistique

30 July to 16 August 2019

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Welcome to Lyrique-en-mer!

We warmly invite you to join us for our 2019 season, Passionnément Lyrique.

On the programme is Messager’s operetta, Passionnément, sung by this year’s excellent group of young artists, and Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle, performed by the Festival Choir.

We’re delighted to welcome French baritone Edwin Crossley-Mercer, who presents an intimate evening of Nocturnes at the Citadelle Vauban, and we will be repeating the huge success of Venez chanter (Come and Sing!), this time rehearsing and performing Fauré’s Requiem in one day.

Special events for our young audiences are planned, as well as our traditional opera gala concert, and at the centre of it all is the first performance on the island of Donizetti’s masterpiece from eighteenth-century Scotland, Lucia di Lammermoor in a new production by Scottish stage-director Denise Mulholland.

We look forward to spending the summer with you on Belle-Ile en mer.

Philip Walsh
Directeur artistique

France musique partenaire de Lyrique en mer
Festival Belle Ile Festival Belle Ile Festival Belle Ile

Photos: Lauren Pasche Haskiya

Next Concerts

  • L’ensemble Vocal de Sainte-Anne d’Auray

  • Chœur Lycéen de la Maîtrise
    Michel Jezo – orgue
    Ralph Alwood, Gilles Gérard - direction

    Le vendredi 31 mai à 16h30 - Église de Le Palais


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  • Programme

  • Le Vaisseau Fantôme de Richard Wagner

  • Opéra sur écran - GRATUIT
    Retransmission sur écran en direct de Angers-Nantes Opéra

    Le jeudi 13 juin à 19h30 - Salle Arletty - Le Palais

    Venez découvrir la saison 2019


    Nicola Said (Lucia)
    Aaron Short (Edgardo)
    Christian Bowers (Enrico)
    Tyler Nelson (Arturo)
    Colin Ramsey (Raimondo)
    Michael Kuhn (Normanno)

    Les jeunes artistes
    L’orchestre du Festival

    Philip Walsh, direction musicale
    Denise Mulholland, mise en scène

    Salle Arletty, Le Palais
    Les 5, 7, 13, 16 août 20h00

    MUSIQUE SACRÉE - La Petite messe solennelle, Gioachino Rossini

    David Jackson, direction musicale
    Gerardo Felisatti, piano
    Olga Vassileva, harmonium
    Jazmin Black Grollemund, soprano
    Valerie Hart-Nelson, mezzo-soprano
    Tyler Nelson, ténor
    Colin Ramsey, bass

    David Jackson, direction musicale

    Le choeur, les jeunes artistes

    Eglise de Bangor le 30 Juillet 20h30
    Eglise de Le Palais, le 2 août 20h30
    Eglise de Sauzon, le 9 août 20h30
    Eglise de Locmaria, le 14 août 20h30

    OPERETTE - Passionnément, André Messager

    Les jeunes artistes du Festival

    David Jackson, direction musicale
    Véronique ROIRE, mise en scène

    Salle Arletty, Le Palais
    Le 11 Août 11h00 et 20H30

    Lieder - Nocturnes à la Citadelle

    Lieder allemands et mélodies françaises de Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Wagner, Liszt, Bizet, Debussy, Fauré, Strauss

    Edwin Crossley-Mercer, Baryton
    Philip Walsh, piano

    Citadelle Vauban, Le Palais
    Le 1er août 20h30


    Chansons sans paroles

    Les musiciens du festival

    Salle Arletty, Le Palais
    Le 6 août 20h30


    Gala d’airs d’opéra à la Citadelle

    Les solistes du festival

    Citadelle Vauban, Le Palais
    Le 08 août 20h30


    Concert d’orchestre du Festival - PEER GYNT de Edvard GRIEG

    Salle Arletty, Le PAlais
    Le 10 août 18h30


    200 choristes, avec le choeur et orchestre du Festival

    Philip Walsh, direction musicale
    Nicola Said, soprano
    Christian Bowers, Baryton

    Les 200 choristes de Venez, chanter !
    L’orchestre de Lyrique en mer

    Eglise de Le Palais
    Le 12 août 17h00 et 18h30


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  • Administration Dear friends of Lyrique-en-mer,

    The rendez-vous with “passion” that we promised you is getting nearer!

    Many of you enjoyed the New Year's concert in Sauzon, as well as the springtime concert in Locmaria earlier this year. We look forward to seeing you from the 30th of July to begin the 21st season of Lyrique-en-mer.

    In Donizetti's masterpiece Lucia, revealed to herself by her passion for Edgardo, will try to foolishly remain faithful to her own truth. This universal struggle for freedom to be oneself grabs our attention, served by the power and subtlety of song and music.

    Lucia di Lammermoor is produced for the first time by Lyrique-en-mer. But also for the first time, an operetta, Passionnément by André Messager, is central to the programme of our young artists. Stronger involvement with young audiences has inspired a “Junior Weekend” by Philip Walsh and a partnership is underway with Belle-Ile’s hospital.

    A wind of renewal enlivens this 2019 edition and we want to pass on our thanks to all of you: artists, public, volunteers, patrons and sponsors, local authorities and all our partners.

    Marie-Françoise Morvan, president
    and the Board of Directors

    The Festival Board

    President Marie-Françoise Morvan
    Secretary and choir representative Michele Bardoux
    Treasurer Régine Roué
    Assistant treasurer Maryvonne Le Gac
    Assistant secretary,
    Venez Chanter representative,
    Catherine Danielo
    Administrators Simon Cnockaert
      Dominique Dechet
      Anne Germain
      Isabelle Virloget